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Round Aluminum Notions Tin

A screw top tin perfect for small treasures, stitch markers, beads and thread, and more


This screw top tin is perfect for small treasures, stitch markers, beads and thread, and more.

These tins are 1.5" across and .5" tall, so they are perfect to store notions, seed beads, and to use as gift boxes for small treasures and keep-sakes.

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  • Hinged aluminum box with clear-view top.

    This premium-quality, aluminum tin with a clear-view window in the hinged lid is perfect for keepsakes, knitting tools and notions, and it makes a great gift box for small knitted gifts, such as many of the tiny purses here in the Noni store.

    Box measures 7.5" x 5.5" and 1.5" deep

  • Two Eclair turn locks

    Eclair Turn Lock


    Metal Finishes:

    Look around in a crowded plane, an airport, the busy cafe and you will see bags decorated with cabochon rivets, a bold turnlock. . . look closer and you will notice it might look just like this beautiful turnlock.

    Use on a felted, fabric, or leather bag of your own making. Or, use unexpectedly on a furry collar to snug it tight against cold weather.

    A bold 1.75" wide and 2.5" tall, this turnlock is a striking focal point on the front of your bag. Look at the Week in Venice, Ridge, or Cornucopia bags to

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  • Lock Toggle Closure

    JUL Lock Toggle Closure



    Made in the USA of genuine leather and hand-assembled in the JUL studio in Maryland, this leather closure screws into knitted garments or felted bags making it a striking alternative to conventional closures.

    The leather makes the closure relatively light considering the size of the Lock and its screw-in snap closures. The tongue on one side of the Lock comes up through the slot in the other side, doubles back on itself and 'locks' in place with a snap, making it extremely secure.

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