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Shepherd's Wool Crazy!

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Every skein of crazily popular Stonehedge Fiber Mill's "Crazy!" is unique, truly unique, and as deliciously soft as the Shepherd's Wool color palette it is made from. 

We love Crazy held with a strand of Shepherd's Wool in a similar color family to make any Noni Bag you set your heart on. We have a few suggestions: think of the Bedouin in Black held with any color combination of Crazy. Drama!

Or work with it single strand for one of our tiny bags. Make. Something. Fun. 

As you can see, some skeins are sold singly and some we have put together in curated groupings. If you see single skeins that you would like, but those singles are in a grouping, please write to me - I can most likely sell you the skein you want.

Content: 100% Merino Wool

Yardage: 2.5oz/75g/210m/230yds

Recommended Needle Size: 3.5-5.5mm (US 4-9)

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  • Shepherd's Wool yarn in select colors

    Shepherds Wool Worsted



    I am delighted to let you know that Stonehedge Fiber Mill will continue to sell their gorgeous 100% USA-Made Merino to Noni! We began our businesses at almost the same time and became connected way back in 2008. Nonibags are best made with this yarn. I am excited about the ways that Stonehedge Fiber Mill is evolving and moving toward hand-dyeing. It's so exciting! More to come as they introduce new future colors and products!

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  • Renaissance Purse Frame.

    Renaissance Purse Frame is a beautiful, sew-in purse frame with a scroll design that calls to mind the intricacy of a fine brocade.

    Use this frame as a lovely compliment to felted bags, fabric bags, and needle-point purses.

    Now available in multi-packs: the more you buy, the more you save.



    6" (15.25cm)wide at purse frame hinge

    3" (7.25cm) high from hinge to frame apex