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Shepherd's Wool Crazy Skeins

Mill ends of the delicious, USA-made Shepherd's Wool are spun together to make this gradient yarn fun and exciting to knit with.


Every skein of crazily popular Stonehedge Fiber Mill's "Crazy!" is unique, truly unique, and as deliciously soft as the Shepherd's Wool color palette it is made from. 

We love Crazy held with a strand of Shepherd's Wool in a similar color family to make any Noni Bag you set your heart on. We've made a few suggestions: think of the Bedouin in Black held with any color combination of Crazy. Drama! Or work with it single strand for one of our tiny bags. Make Something Fun. Pictures of samples coming soon!

If you are making a specific project and have a color-family prefernce, please write to nora@nonipatterns.com. We'll do our best to select compatible skeins that you will love. Nevertheless, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to supply you with a certain quantity of a particular color. Please be prepared to be surprised and delighted!

Content: 100% Merino Wool

Yardage: 2.5oz/75g/210m/230yds

Recommended Needle Size: 3.5-5.5mm (US 4-9)

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  • Bedouin Bag in Three Sizes



    Delivery Method:

    The name evokes endless winds and carved dunes. The ridged construction calls to mind timeless and ancient handmade basketry re-interpreted for the modern trek.

    Inspired by the artistic yet everyday carpet bags of nomadic tribes, the richly draped top and Amazing Snap keep all your provisions secure. Best of all, each of the three oversized purses feels organically comfortable against your body and lends an adventurer's flair to all your looks.

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  • Cornucopia Trio

    Cornucopia Bag


    Delivery Method:

    The Cornucopia, like the iconic horn of plenty from whence it gets its name, evokes the autumnal harvest with its voluptuous shape. It's body is scored with color and texture, just like the great squashes that are ever present at the fest table.

    It is a unique bag: it has a slim side profile and soft body that makes it easy to wear and carry because it is so soft against the body, fitting into a woman's curves effortlessly. It's voluminous width allows you to carry everything you need: Each bag is an ideal every-day purse. The small bag is for those ladies who travel light and want a light bag. The medium size will take you from the office to a gathering with friends, and the large size is for those who like to be prepared for all sorts of adventures at any moment . . . from the urban trek to a spur-of-the-moment weekend away.

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  • Small Antique Rose (brown handles with Large Fuchsia (black handles)

    Harmony Bag


    Delivery Method:

    Lately I have been designing felted bags that I want to carry, bags that are great-looking, fun to knit, and fun to carry. Harmony is just such a bag: the perfect marriage of form and function, beauty, practicality, and economy.

    It is solf and slouchy so it feels wonderful against the body, folds neatly to put away when not in use or to put in your suitcase for that knitting retreat you are going on, or the beach get away you are planning. Choose from two sizes: the medium bag is the quintessential every day bag: large enough for everything you need on a daily basis, plus room for a small knitting project. The large is the size I personally love because I need a bag that does triple duty: purse, lunch bag, knitting bag . . . The only thing it doesn't carry is my way-to-big laptop, but a tablet or skinny laptop would fit with ease.

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  • To Go, Medium, and Large Metropolitan Totes

    Metropolitan Tote in 3 Sizes


    Delivery Method:

    I've been designing what I want to carry lately: a simple felted bag that has elegant, classic lines, is easy to wear and soft against my body: The large Metropolitan Tote fits that bill. For most days, the only thing inside that bag is the Mini "To Go" bag - is is ideal for just what I need: glasses, wallet, keys, phone. When the phone rings, I pull the To Go out. No searching at the bottom of a big bag. If I need to dash to the market, To Go goes with me. I'm ready for the weekend in a flash with just these two bags.

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