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Spring Beauties Purple with Green Flowers

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Lovely lavender-colored, hand-beaded purse with hand-beaded spring green flowers.

Has a chain, bag feet and stiff bottom.


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  • Lilac bag with Spring Green flowers

    Spring Beauties


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    Spring Beauties are a woodland ephemeral that blooms in the forests of the Mid-Atlantic region where I live. The blossoms dance atop slender stalks: tiny, pale pink flowers, each of its 5 petals painted with darker pin striations scarcely visible to the unassisted eye. I was inspired by these tiny flowers (one of my favorites since I was a girl) to design a small purse that would have their timelessness, femininity, and romance.

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  • Green Earth Grocery Bag

    Green Earth


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    These sturdy, water resistant, naturally insulating, use-them-again bags are a stylish alternative to plastic and paper shopping bags from the grocery and everywhere else. Stronger than other re-useable bags, the Green Earth keeps its shape when full.

    The small things we do to keep our Earth green and our rivers clean add up. Let's all knit our part.

    Pattern Difficulty

    Intrepid Beginner: Requires knowledge of knitting, purling, increasing, decresing, intarsia, and knitting in the round on circular needles.

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  • Zinnia and Pink flowers on Pink Bettie Boop bag

    Bling Flowers Pattern


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    Inspired by Wild Geraniums & Forsythia, these flowers are elegant through their simplicity and the classic flower shape. Beautifully dazzling when wired and embellished with a sparkle or cabochon rivet in the center, these easy-to-make and quick-to-knit flowers are lovely scattered across the front of a bag, as decorations on your latest Ella Coat, or sewn onto Noni Flower Clips and then worn in your hair.

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