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Just the thing to give structure to your bag.


If you have wondered how bags like Anouk and Vianne maintain their shape and how even large bags like Bettie Boop have such a crisp stiff bottom, the secret is stiffener. It is a must have for attaching feet to your bag, but it's also very useful in giving it overall structure.

To make your bag foot and stiffener installation a bit easier, we have a couple of articles that may be of use:

Choose one of the pre-cut pieces or an entire sheet.

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  • Bag Feet, 24mm, 16mm, and 12mm

    Bag Feet


    Metal Finish:

    Our line of classic bag feet are low profile with a raised edge around the top. The timeless styling makes these bag feet the ideal finishing touch for both elegant evening bags as well as casual, every-day totes.

    Available in multiple finishes and sizes that work with all of the purse frames and embellishments we carry, we have the perfect feet for your bag. 

    Feet are packaged in groups of 6 for your convenience. We recommend purchasing bag feet in tandem with our extra stiff bag bottom Stiffener.

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  • Fancy Party in White and Pewter

    Fancy Party Pattern


    Delivery Method:

    Maybe it's New Year's Eve and there is a dinner dance celebration. The Fancy Party felted handbag will look beautiful as a complement to any outfit with her understated, vintage vibe. She looks amazing accompanying a tailored suit, a flippy skirt for those fast turns, a fashion-forward frock, a pair of flared pants and a tuxedo blouse. Dress her up with a few sparkles, or make her dazzling with a lot. Cabochon rivets or spikes give her a more industrial edge that is an interesting contrast to her classic styling.

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  • Hangin' on a chair

    Anouk and Vianne Pattern


    Delivery Method:

    Anouk is small, playful, teaming with vibrant, youthful energy. She likes to be decorated, to change her look. One day she is stylishly sleek, without adornment, saturated color. Another day, she is glittering with rhinestones, cabochon rivets, a skull ornament, or fierce look-at-me spikes.

    Vianne is refined, formal, captivating. You admire her across the room. She, too, likes the way adornment and color can change her mood. How will you dress her?

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  • Select Lipstick and Change City Bags

    Lipstick and Change CITY Pattern


    Delivery Method:

    CITY, the third collection of bags in the Lipstick and Change series, has a distinctly urban vibe if blocked one way, and a decidedly vintage feel if blocked another. Make it the only bag you carry on a Saturday adventure and you can walk all day unencumbered as it's slung cross body on a long silver chain. Take it to Sunday Brunch at your favorite café and you'll like how it looks sitting in the middle of the little marble table you've scored next to the window. The glances CITY gets from passersby are nice, too. Monday to Friday, it's the little bag in a bigger bag, a perfect ensemble, and the one you really need to grab when you go out to lunch. Friday night, CITY is the bag that goes with you out to dinner and a movie, dangling from your wrist like jewelry. It's so quick to knit up and finish, you might make it in colors enough to match all your favorite outfits.

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