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Sugar Skull Ornament

Polished pewter skull ornament to decorate bags and other items.


There are skull people . . . The mom of one of my girlfriends has knitting and accessory bags with skull and crossbones printed on them. I've seen people wearing skulls emblazoned across hats, the backs of leather jackets, knitted mittens.

And then there are people who don't know they are secretly skull people . . . I would be one of these. I have always been a great appreciator of the day of the dead, but not a skull person . . . until I screwed this little skull ornament onto the front flap of my Anouk bag. I love it. I want more. And because they are so easy to attach - just screw in place - it makes it easy to put them anywhere you want a little skull: a bag, a change purse, the front of a notebook cover. I can even see one screwed into the uppermost eyelet of your favorite lace-up boots. . . or sneakers. . . or. . . Have fun with these guys!

Click on the Additional Details tab for Skull Ornament dimensions and basic instructions for how to apply to bags, garments, and other things.

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Dimensions of a single Skull Ornament

.5" (1.25cm) wide
1" (2.5cm) tall
.25" (6mm) deep

Skull Application Instructions

To attach, simply pierce fabric or leather with an awl or leather punch respectively, then put screw end through pierced hole and screw back in place. For an extra-secure attachment, use a dot of clear fingernail polish or fabritack or other non-permanent adhesive into the female part of the screw assembly. Screw in tight using a screw-driver.