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Sugar Skull Tiny Purse Hardware Only Kit

The hardware kit you need to make the Sugar Skull purse


1 Sugar Skull Noni Hardware Only Purse Kit includes:

  • 1 Big Flirt purse frame
  • 1 10" (25cm) purse chain with handle loop attachment
  • 6 bag feet
  • Choose from the pictured Sugar Skull Ornament, Large Alien Skull, and Small Alien Skull to decorate your purse

Note: The seed beads and thread are not included in this kit so that you can choose the color(s) you prefer.

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  • Sugar Skull

    Sugar Skull Purse Pattern


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    The Sugar Skull mico knitted and felted purse is one of my newest favorite felted purses. Like others of my micro felted purses, Sugar Skull is the perfect little purse for your knitting tote: carry your stitch markers, tiny snips, measuring tape, and other knitting goodies. This purse is also perfect for going out to a fancey party. Decorate with the sugar skull or not, as you prefer. Make in any color: match your outfit. Match your fabulous shoes.

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  • Two skull ornaments with screws.

    There are skull people . . . The mom of one of my girlfriends has knitting and accessory bags with skull and crossbones printed on them. I've seen people wearing skulls emblazoned across hats, the backs of leather jackets, knitted mittens.

    And then there are people who don't know they are secretly skull people . . . I would be one of these. I have always been a great appreciator of the day of the dead, but not a skull person . . . until I screwed this little skull ornament onto the front flap of my

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  • Large and Small Alien Skulls

    Alien Skull Ornament



    The Alien Skull Ornament, available in large and small sizes, adds a bit of whimsy to your bag. We chose to decorate Just the Change, Anouk, and our Lipstick and Change CITY bags with Alien Skulls: we found that the femininity of the bags made the skulls appear almost benevolent, even cute! But don't limit yourself to decorating just bags: jeans, t-shirts, boot, jackets, belts, and anything you can rivet is fair game. We've got our eye on the bottom of a pair of flared blue jeans for our next endeavor. Add the decorated Anouk to the ensemble, and we've got a statement to make!

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