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Summer Purse

I made this purse one summer and put this lovely embroidered linen lining in--the fabric was leftover from a fun summer dress I made for myself long time ago. The purse reminds me of carefree summer afternoons, sitting at an outdoor cafe with a dear girlfriend. Easy conversation. Easy silences. 

The body of the purse is made from Malabrigo Rios, a superwash merino wool. The removable purse handle is covered with felted merino wool. 

To care for this purse, spot clean with a gentle detergent. 


The purse has a chain handle included that can be tucked away in side.

The small felt-covered handle can be removed so the purse can be a clutch.

Purchase an additional Renaissance chain to make this purse into a shoulder bag.


Puse Dimensions

10 inches wide at widest point 

6 inches wide at the base of the frame

11.5 inches tall to apex of handle

.5 inches deep 

Ships in 24 - 48 hours
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  • Bag in Shepherd's Wool Sun Yellow and Orange with Fuchsia and Lime Peony

    Peony Little Purse


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    This is the lunch-sized companion to the Clematis Shopping Bag. A stylish alternative to the typical plastic lunch sack, it can be made striped and adorned with the Peony flower for an eminently feminine look, or try rugby stripes or solids (without flower) for a great-looking but entirely unisex and utilitarian tote.

    Felted bags are well-suited as lunch totes because they are naturally insulated, don't lose their shape or their immense carrying capabilities when wet, and withstand even harsh treatment, all the while looking fantastic.

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  • Front view of Victoria

    Victoria Purse


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    This classic black and white felted purse completes your classic outfit. She pairs beautifully with most any outfit but is absolutely stunning with a black and white ensemble: black suit, white blouse, black or white shoes, a pop of color. Picture a red scarf or lipstick, or a pair of hot pink shoes or sandals and matching nail polish. Or even a simple, little black dress.

    This purse can take you from a day at the office to the office party at night. She can go with you to any special event: date night, an evening at the wine bar, a bar mttzvah or bat mitzvah celebration, wedding, holiday.

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  • A Little Bit of Hope in Misty Blue with hand beading.

    A Little Bit of Hope Purse


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    I have been thinking a lot about hope as winter begins. For me, hope can be a small thing, but always with you. We tuck it away. Hold it tight in our hands or worry it with nervous fingers. Small hope gets us through. Hope is big. This tiny bag, is the little big bag that carries hope.

    As any knitter knows, the knitted gift is always more than its physical self. It is hours of thought, a meditation often, of love. Of hope. This tiny purse is no different, even though it is quick to knit and easy to finish. This tiny purse is perfect for small treasures. It is a re-usable gift box for a lovely gift. Or it is the gift itself. It is a bodacious stash buster, too, requiring only 20 yards of feltable worsted weight yarn. You don't have 20 yards of one color? Stripes are fun. Maybe more fun. Make several for tiny precious surprises or as a happy container for your stitch markers and other small knitting notions. Attach a key chain and carry it with you.

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  • On The Go Purse Hardware Kit

    On The Go Purse Hardware Kit


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    Bead/Thread Color:

    The Hardware Kit includes:

    1 Flirt Purse Frame

    1 handle loop and washer + key ring combination: choose from a regular, screw-in style handle loop with a 1" (2.5cm) split ring or the beefy, tap tight handle-loop with 1" (2.5cm) spring-gate ring.

    Combine the handle loop + key ring style with the seed beads and thread color combination of your choice to build the hardware kit you like best. If you prefer a seed beads and thread color combination other than one of those I have curated for you, you also have the option of choosing no beads and thread and then going to our

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