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The Carpet Bag Limited Edition Leather Handle and Hardware Kit - SPECIAL ORDER - Please enquire.

All the hardware you need to finish your carpet bag for a stunning silhouette.


This stunning hardware kit that can be used to finish the Medium and Rather Huge Carpet Bags as well as any other medium or large tote in the Noni Collection contains the following: 

  • 1 JUL USA-made Leather Curvy Handles - pair
  • 2 Large Handle Brackets 
  • 1 Amazing Snap (package contains a second rivet-in snap)
  • 1 package of 24mm Bag feet (6 bag feet) - We do recommend you purchase an additional package if you are making the Rather Huge Carpet Bag as it needs more feet to protect its bottom.
  • 1 package of shiny nickel cabochon rivets (20 pcs)
SOLD OUT - By Special Order
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  • Large carpet bag with Camellia flower

    Carpet Bag in 3 Sizes


    Delivery Method:

    This classically-shaped Carpet Bag combines practicality and beauty. It makes a bold statement as a briefcase embellished with luscious camellia flowers (flower instructions included in the pattern), a great weekender bag, or a knitting bag that will be the envy of all but those who have already made their own.

    The Rather huge carpet bag really is rather huge. If the finished measurements seem rather abstract to you, get out that tape measure and make it in the air. It is BIG. And it is traffic-stopping gorgeous, with big, sexy camellias on one (or both) sides.

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  • Small Milk Chocolate Scoop

    Two Scoops


    Delivery Method:

    When I first found these purse frames, I couldn't help but think of two little round bags, slightly different sizes, and so round that they were just like scoops of ice cream. Neapolitan ice cream to be precise: Strawberry, Chocolate, Pistachio. And so I designed a bag with a little round bottom that sits atop tiny bag feet. I gave the bag lots of fullness, so that when it is full of your things, it will be a round little ball, a little scoop.

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  • Large bobble bag

    Bobbles Bobbles Everywhere


    Delivery Method:

    The idea for this bag came fully formed into my mind when I was in Virginia walking through a tiny little shopping center filled with antique shops with gilded chairs in the windows, fancy plates for holding oysters on the half shell. There was a shop filled with beautiful linens, some antique, embellished with hand-made lace sienna with age, linen sprays made from botanicals, beautiful stationary of carefully drawn nuts or vines with passion flowers dropping from their coils. And then the next shop: A woman's dress shop. An exquisite pair of trousers, a spare chemise, narrow elegant shoes one wouldn't dare walk in through a be-dewed lawn, and a black sweater with brightly colored felted balls around each cuff.

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  • Clematis Shopping bag

    Clematis Shopping Bag


    Delivery Method:

    The Clematis Shopping Bag is the perfect tote for any shopping trip, for toting groceries, or as a picnic/lunch tote for the individual or the whole family.

    The large shopping bag and small lunch tote can be made striped and adorned with the Clematis flower for an eminently feminine look, or try rugby stripes or solids (without flower) for a great-looking but entirely unisex and utilitarian set of bags perfect for groceries, picking up items at the mall, or used for a family picnic or as individual lunch tote.

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  • White bag with black color-work.

    Medallion Travel Bag


    Delivery Method:

    No need to tote boring luggage again! Spacious and visually luxurious, this bag will mean that no one will have trouble spotting you in the airport. Make two in the same colors but switching main and contrast colors and you have a beautiful matching set. For a smaller coordinating bag, work in a single strand.

    The Medallion Travel bag is knit from the bottom up, beginning with a stockinette, Fair Isle bottom. Stitches are picked up around the bottom and then the body of the bag is knit Fair Isle in the round.

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