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The Cinch

Difficulty: Easy

These fashionable, up-to-date bags are certain to catch the attention of bag afficionados: you're sure to be asked where you bought yours.

In three sizes, the Cinch has a right bag for everybody: The small bag is the go-to bag for every day because it's roomy enough for everything you absolutely must have without being too big. The medium sized bag can go from the University campus, to the office, to the after work dinner or party. It is large enough for your note book and the novel you are reading without forcing you to choose what to leave home. The large bag is BIG and let's you take everything you think you might need without having to edit! It's big enough for a toddler, quite frankly. The handle is long enough for cross-body wear and your hike across town for a weekend adventure with family and friends. You'll be able to put all your favorite knitting projects in this bag, plus your weekend must-haves, plus your small cinch as the grab and go bag that has only what you need for a trip to the grocery or the movies. 

Easy to knit, felt, and finish (try riveting for faster, more secure handle application), the Cinch is the perfect marriage of aesthetics and functionality.

Click on the Additional Details tab below for more information about dimensions, yarn amounts, materials, and bag kits that include everything you need to complete this project.

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  • Bedouin Bag in Three Sizes

    Bedouin Felted Bag in Three Sizes


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    The name evokes endless winds and carved dunes. The ridged construction calls to mind timeless and ancient handmade basketry re-interpreted for the modern trek.

    Inspired by the artistic yet everyday carpet bags of nomadic tribes, the richly draped top and Amazing Snap keep all your provisions secure. Best of all, each of the three oversized purses feels organically comfortable against your body and lends an adventurer's flair to all your looks.

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  • Cornucopia Trio

    Cornucopia Bag


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    The Cornucopia, like the iconic horn of plenty from whence it gets its name, evokes the autumnal harvest with its voluptuous shape. It's body is scored with color and texture, just like the great squashes that are ever present at the fest table.

    It is a unique bag: it has a slim side profile and soft body that makes it easy to wear and carry because it is so soft against the body, fitting into a woman's curves effortlessly. It's voluminous width allows you to carry everything you need: Each bag is an ideal every-day purse. The small bag is for those ladies who travel light and want a light bag. The medium size will take you from the office to a gathering with friends, and the large size is for those who like to be prepared for all sorts of adventures at any moment . . . from the urban trek to a spur-of-the-moment weekend away.

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  • Yoga Bag in Brown with Berries Piping
Everything Totes in Berries with Brown Piping

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    Yoga practitioners will love the simplicity and functionality of this felted Yoga Mat Tote. A simple tie closure keeps it shut and the beautiful JUL rolled leather handle makes it comfortable on the shoulder. For those archers among us, it was pointed out to me that this might also make a great quiver!

    The pattern also includes instructions for two sizes of Everything totes. These totes have nice wide bases so you can pack a lot into them. Fold in the corners for a decidedly vintage travel bag, or fill it to the top. A zipper closure keeps your things from spilling out all over the tarmac.

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Finished Dimensions

Small Cinch 

8" (20cm) wide
4" (10cm) deep across sides of bottom
11" (28cm) tall to handle
22" (56cm) circumference opening

Medium Cinch 

11" (28cm) wide
5" (13cm) deep across sides of bottom
13.5" (36cm) tall to handle
29" (74cm) circumference opening

Large Cinch 

14" (38cm) wide
7" (18cm) deep across sides of bottom
16" (46cm) tall to handle
33" (84cm) circumference opening


Pattern Difficulty

Requires knowledge of knitting and purling, increasing and decreasing, picking up stitches, working in the round on circular needles, and some simple hand-sewing.



Pre-felted gauge: 12 stitches and 16 rounds = 4" (10cm) using a double-strand of worsted weight yarn.


Yarn Requirements

Small Cinch: 750 yards (685m)
Medium Cinch: 1235 yards (1129m)
Large Cinch: 2100 yards (1920m)


Needles and Other Materials

Size 11 (8mm) 24" (60cm) circular needles
Size 11 (8mm) double-pointed needle (set)
Tapestry needle
Sewing needle
Nylon sewing thread
Stitch markers
Double capped rivets
'A Noni Design' label
4-6 Noni 24mm bag feet
Noni Best Sew-in Snap
JUL Earth Explorer hinged leather handle (with extra ring) for small Cinch
JUL Earth Explorer hinged leather handle (with extra ring) for medium Cinch
JUL Big Sky Explorer leather chain handle [with extra 3" (7.5cm) ring]  for larg Cinch

Pictured Samples

All of the bags pictured were created using Stonehedge Fiber Mill Shepherd's Wool. Small bag is pictured in Beaches, medium bag in Milk Chocolate, and large bag in Black.

Let us put a custom hardware kit together for you. Contact us for details and pricing.

All Three Sizes

First Edition

Round 65 (91, 108): Follow instructions below for making belt loops in a two-step process...

Small Cinch

First and Second Edition

Knitters have alerted us that an extra skein was required to make the small bag. The yardage should read as follows: 1,000 yds (915m) worsted weight feltable yarn.

Medium Cinch

First Edition

Knitters have alerted us that the yardage for the medium is short by 1 250 yard skein of Shepherd's Wool. Revised yardage: Approximately 1485 yards (1358m) worsted weight, feltable yarn.