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The Colorwork Tote Class: make the Magnolia Tote or the Medallion Travel Bag

Class fee includes 3 patterns (a $29.50 value) and $10 store credit toward materials and supplies.


The first felted purse I ever saw was very small but it had a big impact on me . . . I loved the way knitting could become a three-dimensional object with structure, architectural integrity, and durability. I wanted that. And so knitted felt became a canvas for my creativity: I loved making my own fabric. I loved that my bags and totes and purses were exactly what I wanted: understated and neutral or vibrant and whimsical, covered with flowers, or bold with sleek hardware, big and roomy for weekend adventures, or tiny and romantic, for my own secret pleasure.  

Noni bags allow you to have the same intimate and creative relationship with the purses you carry, the totes you put your knitting in, the bags you take to the farmer's market.

In this class, you get to make all the decisions when it comes to the Magnolia Tote, Magnolia Travel Bag, or Medallion Travel Bag: What colors will you choose? How long are the handles? Is it lined? Does it have pockets? How it is decorated? Will you make matching accessory purses for all your must-have possessions?

In this class you will receive all three colorwork patterns and choose your favorite one (or all three!) to make and finish during the class.

These gorgeous bags demand you look. And admire. And now you can make one that is uniquely yours. . . and even make your own luggage set!

This is your opportunity to make othese beautiful felted totes with the help, guidance, and expert finishing tips and tricks from the designer herself. Nora will take you from picking out colors, to casting on, through the knitting, to felting, to fine finishing, to embellishing.


What You Will Get

  • The pattern for the Magnolia Tote, the Magnolia Travel Bag, and the Medallion Travel Bag - a $29.50 value
  • 8 hours of hands-on, student-focused instruction divided between four 2-hour mini-lecture and practice-focused meetings in addition to four 1-hour "check-in" meetings
  • Access to the recordings of our zoom classroom sessions for all time
  • Small class size that allows for personalized attention
  • $10 store credit you can apply toward anything in the Noni Store


What You Will Learn

In this class, consisting of 12 classroom hours of instruction, plus personal help when you need it, you will learn new skills and refine existing ones:

  • Use color theory and some unique strategies to pick colors that work together (or pick from Nora's selection of curated colorways),
  • Learn how to read a color chart,
  • Learn different techniques to knit with two colors flat, for the bag bottom, and in the round in order to make either the stranded colorwork Magnolia Tote, Magnolia Travel Bag, or The re-designed Medallion Travel Bag,
  • How to maintain the even tension required for stranded knitting that will subsequently be felted,
  • How to felt a large bag in the top-loading washer or the clothes dryer,
  • How to block your bag for a beautifully smooth felted fabric and crisp silhouette,
  • How to finish your bag so that it looks sleek and polished: learn how to apply bag feet, stiffen the bottom of the bag, use different types of magnetic snaps for the closure you want, apply a turnlock, set in a zipper, apply custom-made leather handles, and use other premium bag hardware for a beautiful finished product
  • Decorate your finished bag to take it from fabulous to art: short tutorials on knitting flowers, embroidering on felted fabric, beading, and more.


Class Size and Dates

Class Size

The class is limited to 15 participants so everyone gets individualized attention during our meetings. Each participant also receives 30 minutes of individualized meeting time and "emergency" support if needed.


Dates of the instruction and practice classes

Saturday, May 7:  9 - 11am EDT Lecture and Practice

Wednesday, May 11:  e-mail progress check in

Saturday, May 21: 9 - 11 EDT Lecture and Practice

Wednesday, May 25:  e-mail progress check in

Saturday, June 4: 9 - 11am EDT Lecture and Practice

Wednesday, June 8:  e-mail progress check in

Saturday, June 18: 9 - 11am EDT Lecture and Practice and Show and Tell Finished Projects!


See the Additional Details tab for prerequisites and materials.

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Students must be proficient in the following: casting on stitches, knitting, purling, and binding off stitches. There will be no increasing or decreasing in this project. Students should be able to control tension while knitting in the round.


  • Choose to make either The Magnoiia Tote, Magnolia Travel Bag, or the Medallion Travel Bag - all three patterns are included in the cost of this class.
  • The yarn recommended for this project is Stonehedge Fiber Mill's Shepherd's Wool - please purchase your yarn from Noni. 
  • US 11 (8mm) 24" or 29" circular knitting Needles 
  • Scissors
  • Stitch markers - 4 markers with 1 of a different color to mark the beginning of the round
  • Tapestry and Darning needles
  • Tape Measure 
  • Noni hardware package for your particular project
  • A top-loacing washing machine with an agitator or a clothes dryer, or access to either a top-loading washer or a clothes dryer.

Class size

Class size limited to 15 people so we can have an intimate, student-focused learning environment.

Please register for this class ahead of time to reserve your spot!