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The Cute Cute Complete Knitted and Felted Purse Kit

The most adorable key-chain purse perfect for tiny treasures and gifts.


The kit contents are packaged in the keep-sake, clear-top, rectangular aluminum box with hinged lid: all the purse components you need to make your Cute Cute felted purse:

1 Cute Cute! Pattern PDF as a gift

1 Cute Cute! Purse frame with fun-colored kiss lock baubles

1 Mini-skein curated to match the color of your purse frame's kiss-lock baubles

1 bobbin of nylon beading thread

10g of matching color seed beads packaged in a screw-top aluminum tin 

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  • Cute Cute! Comes in a Rainbow.

    Cute Cute Tiny Felted Purse Pattern


    Delivery Method:

    Cute Cute! is a purse you want to make because it's just SO adorable . . . who cares if it's impractical and too small to carry much of anything? . . . but not so fast!

    It IS the perfect size for AirPods or AirTags. Also the perfect place to put your beautiful rings when you are working in the garden or need to wash hands while not at home. It's ideal for pain reliever tablets or vitamins when you are away for the weekend.

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  • Walk in the Camellia Garden Felted purse with small gumball bag feet.

    Walk in the Camellia Garden Complete Felted Purse Kit



    Choose your favorite color of yarn and we take care of the rest, matching the yarn, beads & thread, and bag feet to your choices. 

    1 skein of yarn and the beads & thread included here make 2 purses, so if you would like to make 2 purses in the same color, simply choose an additional Rennaisance Purse Frame and Chain to your order.


    Kit Contents:

    1 Walk in the Camellia Garden Felted Purse Pattern - an $8.50 value - The pattern is our gift with purchase of this complete kit

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