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The Magnolia Tote Complete Kit in Raspberry and Hot Pink

Purchase the Magnolia Complete Kit to make the tote just as you see it in the picture


For beautiful styling, use the Noni Magnolia Tote Complete Kit to make the tote just as it is pictured, in Raspberry (main color) and Hot Pink (contrast color). Please purchase The Magnolia Tote pattern separately.

The soft and simple styling pictured, which offers a more slouchy, casual silhouette, choose the Soft and Simple Hardware package. The complete kit includes:

  • The Magnolia Tote Pattern
  • 3 skeins of Raspberry
  • 2 skeins of Hot Pink
  • 1 skein of Black
  • 1 skein of White
  • 1 Amazing snap
  • 2 Rivet-in snaps
  • 1 pair of JUL flat-strap 28 inch Forager leather handles with Chicago Screws in black

For a more traditional, structured finished tote, where the bottom is stiffened and then adorned with bag feet, simply add 2 packages of 24mm bag feet with a nickel finish (12 feet).

Ships in 1 - 5 Days
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  • Bag Feet, 24mm, 16mm, and 12mm

    Bag Feet


    Metal Finish:

    Our line of classic bag feet are low profile with a raised edge around the top. The timeless styling makes these bag feet the ideal finishing touch for both elegant evening bags as well as casual, every-day totes.

    Available in multiple finishes and sizes that work with all of the purse frames and embellishments we carry, we have the perfect feet for your bag. 

    Feet are packaged in groups of 6 for your convenience. We recommend purchasing bag feet in tandem with our extra stiff bag bottom Stiffener.

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  • Nora with her Magnolia.

    The Magnolia Tote


    Delivery Method:

    The Magnolia Tote is as practical as it is striking. Different styling offers different utility with the changing silhouette: it is my favorite farmer's market companion; with the sides pulled out straight, and roomy enough for orchard-ripe apples, fresh kale, collards, multi-colored carrots, and fresh, home-grown mushrooms. Once home and divested of treasures, tuck in the sides for a more efficient silhouette: this tote is ideal for shopping in narrow store aisles. Keep the top snapped but reach in the sides for your wallet, or snap your tiny purse,

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  • White bag with black color-work.

    Medallion Travel Bag


    Delivery Method:

    No need to tote boring luggage again! Spacious and visually luxurious, this bag will mean that no one will have trouble spotting you in the airport. Make two in the same colors but switching main and contrast colors and you have a beautiful matching set. For a smaller coordinating bag, work in a single strand.

    The Medallion Travel bag is knit from the bottom up, beginning with a stockinette, Fair Isle bottom. Stitches are picked up around the bottom and then the body of the bag is knit Fair Isle in the round.

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  • I've Gotta Run Along! Trio

    On The Go 3 Tiny Purses To Take Everywhere


    Delivery Method:

    I like carrying large bags and purses . . . but I don't like digging around in my purse to find my keys, or my credit card at the grocery store.  I came up with a solution: The On The Run! purses:

    Welcome, Change! 

    Pictured here in "Denim" grey and Sun Yellow stripes, this tiny purse is too small for a credit card, but it is perfect for change or other small things: knitting notions, favorite jewelry, a day's medication.

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  • On The Go Purse Hardware Kit

    On The Go Purse Hardware Kit


    Key Ring Style:
    Bead/Thread Color:

    The Hardware Kit includes:

    1 Flirt Purse Frame

    1 handle loop and washer + key ring combination: choose from a regular, screw-in style handle loop with a 1" (2.5cm) split ring or the beefy, tap tight handle-loop with 1" (2.5cm) spring-gate ring.

    Combine the handle loop + key ring style with the seed beads and thread color combination of your choice to build the hardware kit you like best. If you prefer a seed beads and thread color combination other than one of those I have curated for you, you also have the option of choosing no beads and thread and then going to our

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