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The Magnolia Tote Hardware and Leather Handle Kit

The hardware and leather handle kit for the Magnolia Tote in two beautiful styling packages


For beautiful styling, use the Noni Magnolia Tote hardware kit to finish your project.

The soft and simple styling pictured, which offers a more slouchy, casual silhouette, choose the Soft and Simple Hardware package. The kit includes:

  • 3 Rivet-in snaps
  • 1 pair of JUL flat-strap Forager leather handles with Chicago Screws for easy attachment

For a more traditional, structured finished tote, where the bottom is stiffened and then adorned with bag feet, choose the Structured kit. That package includes the following:

  • 3 Rivet-in snaps
  • 1 pair of JUL flat-strap Forager leather handles with Chicago Screws for easy attachment
  • 2 packages of 24mm bag feet with a nickel finish (12 feet)
Handle Length:
Handle Color:
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  • The Magnolia Tote.

    The first felted purse I ever saw was very small but it had a big impact on me . . . I loved the way knitting could become a three-dimensional object with structure, architectural integrity, and durability. I wanted that. And so knitted felt became a canvas for my creativity: I loved making my own fabric. I loved that my bags and totes and purses were exactly what I wanted: understated and neutral or vibrant and whimsical, covered with flowers, or bold with sleek hardware, big and roomy for weekend adventures, or tiny and romantic, for my own secret pleasure.

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  • Harmony Bag Hardware and Leather Handle Kit

    Harmony Bag Hardware and Leather Handle Kit



    The kit for both sizes of the Harmony bag contains the following:

    1 JUL Dheli handles (pair)
    1 Amazing rivet-in snap 

  • Nora with her Magnolia.

    The Magnolia Tote


    Delivery Method:

    The Magnolia Tote is as practical as it is striking. Different styling offers different utility with the changing silhouette: it is my favorite farmer's market companion; with the sides pulled out straight, and roomy enough for orchard-ripe apples, fresh kale, collards, multi-colored carrots, and fresh, home-grown mushrooms. Once home and divested of treasures, tuck in the sides for a more efficient silhouette: this tote is ideal for shopping in narrow store aisles. Keep the top snapped but reach in the sides for your wallet, or snap your tiny purse,

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