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The Magnolia Travel Bag Complete Kit

Everything you need to make this gorgeous companion to the Magnolia Tote and the Medallion Travel Bag - Make Your Own Luggage Set!


This complete kit will be released on May 1st! Pre-order yours today.

Make it exactly what you want: beautiful, unique, yours.

I've put together some curated colorways for you to choose from in The Magnolia Travel Bag Complete Kit. Choose from Black and White with Raspberry and Hot Pink edging or the reverse: Raspberry and Hot Pink for the body of the Travel bag with Black and White edging.


Each Complete Kit contains the following:

1  Magnolia Travel Bag Pattern - As my gift 

4 skeins of Main Color (A)  

4 skeins of Contrast Color (B)

1 skein each of Edging Colors (C and D)

12 gunmetal bag feet

1 YKK Custom Zipper with closed ends and 2 sliders


We recommend you purchase mat board to use as a stiffener for the Travel Bag bottom.

Handle Length:
Handle Color:
$214.90 to $217.90
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  • Two different colorways before felting.

    The Magnolia Travel Bag


    Delivery Method:

    This pattern and it's kit will be released on May 1st! Pre-order yours today.

    I still remember the awe and power I felt when I knitted and then felted my first felted bag. It amazed me that soft and drapey knitting could become so structured and have such durability and integrity. I was smitten. The love affair has only deepened over the last twenty-five years. I never grow tired of this canvas for my creativity.

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  • The Magnolia Tote.

    The Colorwork Tote Class: make the Magnolia Tote or the Medallion Travel Bag



    I remember the first time I saw a felted purse. It was very small but it had a big impact on me . . . I had never seen the way that knitting could become a three-dimensional object with structure and so much architectural integrity and durability. I wanted that. And so knitted felt became a canvas for my creativity: I loved making my own fabric. I loved that my bags and totes and purses were exactly what I wanted: understated and neutral or vibrant and whimsical, covered with flowers, or bold with sleek hardware, big and roomy for weekend adventures, or tiny and romantic, for my own secret pleasure.

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  • The Magnolia Tote Complete Kit in Raspberry and Hot Pink

    For beautiful styling, use the Noni Magnolia Tote Complete Kit to make the tote just as it is pictured, in Raspberry (main color) and Hot Pink (contrast color). Please purchase The Magnolia Tote pattern separately.

    The soft and simple styling pictured, which offers a more slouchy, casual silhouette, choose the Soft and Simple Hardware package. The complete kit includes:

    • The Magnolia Tote Pattern
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  • White bag with black color-work.

    Medallion Travel Bag


    Delivery Method:

    No need to tote boring luggage again! Spacious and visually luxurious, this bag will mean that no one will have trouble spotting you in the airport. Make two in the same colors but switching main and contrast colors and you have a beautiful matching set. For a smaller coordinating bag, work in a single strand.

    The Medallion Travel bag is knit from the bottom up, beginning with a stockinette, Fair Isle bottom. Stitches are picked up around the bottom and then the body of the bag is knit Fair Isle in the round.

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