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Tulip Tote

Difficulty: Easy

The Tulip Tote is modeled after my most favorite of toting-things-around-anywhere bags. It is roomy enough to pack with a lot of groceries, a picnic, or to fill with delicacies from your favorite dress shop... Or use it even as a day trip/travel bag. Oh, and don't be surprised when people stare . . . I will not soon forget the first time I carried my just newly finished bag (and still warm it seemed, from the wash) to a local coffee shop. I had in it my keys and my wallet. When I walked in the door a woman across the room rose from her chair with her mouth, literally, hanging open. She walked over slowly (never taking her eyes from the bag) and only when standing right before me about to touch the tulips did she look up and say, "I love this bag. . . I love it. Can I, touch it?" She was sad to hear that she couldn't make haste to a nearby boutique. But I was delighted with her reaction to this bag.

The handles are knitted as part of the bag and are long enough to go over your shoulder, but not so long that you can't carry the bag by your side. It is embellished with tulips, as many or as few as you would like. The Tulip Tote is one of my favorite toting bag and I hope it will be your favorite too.

For more floral embellishment ideas, find 40 botanically correct blossoms in Nora's book, Noni Flowers.

Look at Additional Details below for information about dimensions, gauge, and materials.

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Finished Dimensions

19" (47.5cm) wide across the front/back of bag bottom
6 1/2" (16.25cm) deep
12" (30cm) tall

Pattern Difficulty

Intrepid Beginner to Intermediate: Requires knowledge of knitting and purling, picking up stitches, knitting in the round on double pointed and circular needles, increasing and decreasing of stitches. the bi-colored bag and the tulips also require knowledge of intarsia knitting technique.


Pre-felted gauge: 12 stitches and 16 rounds = 4"(10cm) in St st with a double-strand of worsted weight yarn.

Yarn Requirements

Solid Bag

1800 yds (1646m) Sun Yellow or Lime (A)

Two-Colored Bag

1300 yds (1188.75m) Sun Yellow or Lime (A)
400 yds (365.75m) Lime or Green (B)


250 yds (230m) Green (A)
250 yds (230m) Pink or Sun Yellow (B)
250 yds (230m) Fuchsia or Christmas Red (C)

Needles and Other Materials

Size 11 (8mm) 24-32" (60-80cm) circular needle
Stitch markers
Tapestry needle
Sewing needle
Nylon beading thread
'A Noni Design' label
4 seed beads to attach Noni label
6 - 10 Noni 24mm bag feet
Noni Stiffener for bag bottom and sides

Pictured Sample

The pictured bag was created using Stonehedge Fiber Mill Shepherd's Wool: The bag itself is Sun Yellow with Lime handles. The flowers are made from Pink and Fuchsia.

Two-Tone Tulip Tote

Second Edition

For the two-colored bag, pick up stitches for the body in the intarsia color pattern on the WS and then turn your work and knit the first row.

Third Edition

pm to designate the beginning of the round, pu 15 in MC, pu 10 in CC, pu 20 in MC, pu 10 in CC, pu 15 in MC, pm, pu 28 in MC (short end), pm, pu 15 in MC, pu 10 in CC, pu 20 in MC, pu 10 in CC, pu 15 in MC, pm, pu 28 in MC (196 sts).

Both Colorways

First Edition

Tulip petal. The stitch counts are reversed. Correct stitch counts are as follows:

Row 11 K4 col 3, K4 col 2, K2 col 3, w&t (10 sts worked, 12 sts total).
Row 12 P2 col 3, P4 col 2, P2 col 3, w&t (8 sts worked, 12 sts total).