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Walk in the Camellia Garden Complete Felted Purse Kit

Everything you need to make your beautiful Walk in the Garden Felted Purse.


Choose your favorite color of yarn and we take care of the rest, matching the yarn, beads & thread, and bag feet to your choices. 

1 skein of yarn and the beads & thread included here make 2 purses, so if you would like to make 2 purses in the same color, simply choose an additional Rennaisance Purse Frame and Chain to your order.


Kit Contents:

1 Walk in the Camellia Garden Felted Purse Pattern - an $8.50 value - The pattern is our gift with purchase of this complete kit

1 skein (250 yds/228.5m) of gorgeous, 100% USA Merino yarn

1 package of color-matched Seed Beads & Thread

1 Rennaisance Purse Frame 

1 Rennaisance Purse Chain (15 inches long - choose a second chain if you want a shoulder bag. Three chains clipped together make a 45" (114cm) long chain, perfect for a cross body purse.)

1 package of 6 bag feet*


*The kit includes our Classic Bag Feet in Antique Brass. You may also like the Noni Exlusive Gumball Bag Feet that come in packages of 4. We recommend the small size.

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  • Renaissance Purse Frame and Chain

    Renaissance Purse Frame and Chain

    (FRECH-Antique Brass)

    Temporarily out of stock.

    Renaissance Purse Frame is a beautiful sew-in purse frame with a scroll design that calls to mind the intricacy of a fine Early Modern brocade. The frame can adorn a clutch with the chain tucked inside, or tease the chain out and the frame floats on it.

    Use this frame for felted bags, fabric bags, needle-point lovelies.

    Frame Dimensions

    6" (15.25cm) wide at purse frame hinge

    3" (7.25cm) high from hinge to frame apex

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  • Spiral Links make the Renaissance Chain unique.

    Renaissance Purse Chain


    Package Size:

    This 15" (38cm) clip-on purse chain has a unique spiral link that makes it ideal to use with smaller purse frames such as the Elegant, Renaissance, and Rococo Purse Frames.

  • Gumball Resin Bag Feet

    Gumball Resin Bag Feet



    Gumball Bag Feet add a fun, whimsical quality to any bag.

    Made of premium resin by JUL Designs, these feet have the best, most sturdy prongs you will find anywhere: solid brass.

    Each package includes four gorgeous bag feet. 

    Choose from 12mm and 18mm sizes and an assortment of yummy colors.


    I do have a few singles, so if you would like an odd foot as a knob for a bag flap or a unique center for your camellia flowers, write to me at nora@nonipatterns.com.

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  • Bag Feet, 24mm, 16mm, and 12mm

    Bag Feet


    Metal Finish:

    Our line of classic bag feet are low profile with a raised edge around the top. The timeless styling makes these bag feet the ideal finishing touch for both elegant evening bags as well as casual, every-day totes.

    Available in multiple finishes and sizes that work with all of the purse frames and embellishments we carry, we have the perfect feet for your bag. 

    Feet are packaged in groups of 6 for your convenience. We recommend purchasing bag feet in tandem with our extra stiff bag bottom Stiffener.

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  • Shepherd's Wool yarn in select colors

    Shepherds Wool Worsted



    I am delighted to let you know that Stonehedge Fiber Mill will continue to sell their gorgeous 100% USA-Made Merino to Noni! We began our businesses at almost the same time and became connected way back in 2008. Nonibags are best made with this yarn. I am excited about the ways that Stonehedge Fiber Mill is evolving and moving toward hand-dyeing. It's so exciting! More to come as they introduce new future colors and products!

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