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Where Are My Glasses? and Here's My Card Hardware Kit


This hardware kit works for felted purses Where are My Glasses? as well as Here's My Card and includes:

1 Classic 3.5" (8.75cm) purse frame (this frame has handle loops)
1 Classic 10" (10cm) purse chain

To complete your project, add color-matched Yarn, Beads and Thread in your favorite colors.

To dress up your little bag, add flowers from my book, Noni Flowers, or festoon with Bling Flowers, a simple flower that can be decorated with sparkle rivets, cabochon rivets, or even spikes and skulls for those of you who like a touch of spikiness added to an imminently feminine bag.

For a different look, bead all over in a random pattern, or decorate with the outlines of circles or hearts.

These tiny purses make great gifts: cases for cards, glasses or both for all your friends!

Don't Forget: The Where are My Glasses? and Here's My Card patterns are purchased separately so you can choose paper pattern, PDF, or both.

Ships in 24 - 48 hours
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  • Zinnia and Pink flowers on Pink Bettie Boop bag

    Bling Flowers Pattern


    Delivery Method:

    Inspired by Wild Geraniums & Forsythia, these flowers are elegant through their simplicity and the classic flower shape. Beautifully dazzling when wired and embellished with a sparkle or cabochon rivet in the center, these easy-to-make and quick-to-knit flowers are lovely scattered across the front of a bag, as decorations on your latest Ella Coat, or sewn onto Noni Flower Clips and then worn in your hair.

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  • Where are my glasses case in granite

    Where Are My Glasses?


    Delivery Method:

    I have recently had to start wearing glasses. The cases sometimes take up a lot of room . . . or they do not close and so out fall the glasses into whatever bag I am carrying. Consequently, I set out to solve this problem by designing a glasses case. I love it. This little felted bag has a kisslock frame to keep the glasses where you put them. And it is simple enough that you can fancy it up in any way your heart desires: decorate with flowers, bling it up with sparkle rivets, put one of our benevolent alien skulls right in the middle for a one-of-a-kind statement.

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