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Yoga Bag and Everything Tote

Difficulty: Easy

Yoga practitioners will love the simplicity and functionality of this felted Yoga Mat Tote. A simple tie closure keeps it shut and the beautiful JUL rolled leather handle makes it comfortable on the shoulder. For those archers among us, it was pointed out to me that this might also make a great quiver!

The pattern also includes instructions for two sizes of Everything totes. These totes have nice wide bases so you can pack a lot into them. Fold in the corners for a decidedly vintage travel bag, or fill it to the top. A zipper closure keeps your things from spilling out all over the tarmac.

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  • The Magnolia Tote.

    The Colorwork Tote Class: make the Magnolia Tote or the Medallion Travel Bag



    I remember the first time I saw a felted purse. It was very small but it had a big impact on me . . . I had never seen the way that knitting could become a three-dimensional object with structure and so much architectural integrity and durability. I wanted that. And so knitted felt became a canvas for my creativity: I loved making my own fabric. I loved that my bags and totes and purses were exactly what I wanted: understated and neutral or vibrant and whimsical, covered with flowers, or bold with sleek hardware, big and roomy for weekend adventures, or tiny and romantic, for my own secret pleasure.

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  • Sun Yellow Tote with Spring Green handles

    Tulip Tote


    Delivery Method:

    The Tulip Tote is modeled after my most favorite of toting-things-around-anywhere bags. It is roomy enough to pack with a lot of groceries, a picnic, or to fill with delicacies from your favorite dress shop... Or use it even as a day trip/travel bag. Oh, and don't be surprised when people stare . . . I will not soon forget the first time I carried my just newly finished bag (and still warm it seemed, from the wash) to a local coffee shop. I had in it my keys and my wallet. When I walked in the door a woman across the room rose from her chair with her mouth, literally, hanging open. She walked over slowly (never taking her eyes from the bag) and only when standing right before me about to touch the tulips did she look up and say, "I love this bag. . . I love it. Can I, touch it?" She was sad to hear that she couldn't make haste to a nearby boutique. But I was delighted with her reaction to this bag.

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  • Nora with her Magnolia.

    The Magnolia Tote


    Delivery Method:

    The Magnolia Tote is as practical as it is striking. Different styling offers different utility with the changing silhouette: it is my favorite farmer's market companion; with the sides pulled out straight, and roomy enough for orchard-ripe apples, fresh kale, collards, multi-colored carrots, and fresh, home-grown mushrooms. Once home and divested of treasures, tuck in the sides for a more efficient silhouette: this tote is ideal for shopping in narrow store aisles. Keep the top snapped but reach in the sides for your wallet, or snap your tiny purse,

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  • To Go, Medium, and Large Metropolitan Totes

    Metropolitan Tote in 3 Sizes


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    I've been designing what I want to carry lately: a simple felted bag that has elegant, classic lines, is easy to wear and soft against my body: The large Metropolitan Tote fits that bill. For most days, the only thing inside that bag is the Mini "To Go" bag - is is ideal for just what I need: glasses, wallet, keys, phone. When the phone rings, I pull the To Go out. No searching at the bottom of a big bag. If I need to dash to the market, To Go goes with me. I'm ready for the weekend in a flash with just these two bags.

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Finished Dimensions

For thinner mats

17" (43cm) circumference
25" (64cm) tall

For thicker mats

20" (51cm) circumference
25" (64cm) tall

Pattern Difficulty

Requires knowledge of knitting and purling, increasing and decreasing, picking up stitches, working in the round on circular needles, and some simple hand-sewing.



Pre-felted gauge: 12 stitches and 16 rounds = 4" (10cm) in St st with a double-strand of worsted weight yarn.
Un-felted bag gauge: 16 stitches and 24 rounds = 4" (10cm).


Yarn Requirements

Yoga Bags: 825-875 yds (754-800m) (A)
                 50 yds (46m) (B)
Small Everything Tote: 250 yds (229m)(A)
                                  1500 yds (1372m) in (B)
Large Everything Tote:500 yds (457m) (A)
                                 2,165 yds (1,980m) (B)

Unfelted Bags

To make unfelted bags, use a single strand of worsted weight yarn (or smaller-gauge yarn that when held double is equivalent to worsted weight) and a size 8 (5mm) 24" (60cm) circular needle (or size needed to achieve the "felted" gauge). If using single strand of worsted weight yarn, use approximately 2/3 the yardage listed above; if using two strands of lighter-weight yarn, use the same yardage as listed above.

Needles and Other Materials

Size 11 (8mm) 16" (40cm) or 24" (60 cm) or 32" (80cm)
Size 11 (8mm) double-pointed needles (set)
Tapestry needle
Sewing needle
Nylon beading thread
Stitch markers
30" (70cm) Jul handle with tabs in black (for Yoga bag)
2 JUL 24" (60cm) rolled leather handles with 2" (5cm) rings & leather tabs(for Small Everything Tote)
2 Jul 30" (76cm) rolled leather handles with 2" (5cm) gunmetal rings & leather tabs (for Large Everything Tote)
Double-capped rivets
'A Noni Design' label
4 seed beads to attach Noni label
Noni 30" (76cm) custom YKK zipper with 2 bottom stops
8 Noni 24mm bag feet (for Everything Totes)
13.5 x 22.5 in stiffener (for Everything Totes)

Pictured Samples

Sample bags were made with Stonehedge Fiber Mill Sheherd's wool. The Yoga Bag is made in Brown with contrasting I-cord edging and bottom in Berries. The two Everything Totes are made in Berries with contrasting I-cord edging and bottom in Brown.

Let us put a custom hardware kit together for you. Contact us for details and pricing.

Everything Totes
First Edition

Both small and large Everything Totes require 16 double-capped rivets.